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Crushed Stone Truck Load Special!

9 yards of Crushed Stone Delivered within 10 miles for $220 plus tax
Dumped in a Pile (no spreads), Stone #2, #7, #11, #53 or Rip Rap 4"

We offer a large variety of mulch, stone, sand, topsoil & more, including...

Bulk Mulch Naturals & Dyed, Cedar Mulch, Playground Mulch, Wood Chips, Decorative Stone, Crushed Stone, Masonry Sand & #23, Pulverized Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Garden Mix, Compost, Straw Bales, Straw Mats, Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Weed Fabric, Sod Staples, KILLZALL, Quarter Minus & more! We also offer Decorative Rock/Stone including Slate Chips, White Marble, Haydite, Red Granite, Meramec, Trap Rock and River Gravel!

What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet or a 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. cube.
One cubic yard will cover an 8 ft. x 10 ft. area (80 square feet) 4” thick.
One cubic yard will cover an 8 ft. x 20 ft. area (160 square feet) 2” thick.

Pickup and Delivery

For the Haul-It-Yourself Person

Do you know how much your truck can haul?

A Full Size Truck Bed can hold approximately 2 yards of mulch or 1 yard other.
A mid-sized S10 Truck Bed can hold approximately 1 yard of mulch or half yard other.

Delivery Options Available, Starting at Only $25.00

We own & operate our own delivery trucks. We provide delivery to your driveway or a safe area. Deliveries are available Monday thru Saturday. Please call us to schedule your delivery.
Below is what our delivery trucks can haul.
Our small trucks can haul up to:
Mulch - 10 yards
Pulverized Topsoil ~ 4 yards
Stone 4 yards ~ Sand 4 yards
Compost 7 yards ~ Garden Mix 5 yards
Our large trucks can haul up to:
Mulch - 14 yards
Pulverized Topsoil ~  10 yards
Stone 9 yards ~ Sand 9 yards
Compost 14 yards ~ Garden Mix 14 yards
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