Topsoil & Fill Dirt


Fill Dirt - not clean

When available. For Pickup Only

$18.99/cubic yard

Pulverized Topsoil

Ran through a pulverizer & screened.

$42.99/cubic yard

Garden Mix

Garden Mix

Made of 50% Pulverized Topsoil and 50% Compost

This is not premixed. We have a yard loader bucket, it is filled with 50% Compost (product produced by Smith Creek Inc. in Borden IN) and 50% Pulverized Topsoil and loaded into your truck or trailer.

$39.99/cubic yard


This product is produced by Smith Creek Inc in Borden IN. A high quality soil amendment that offers your gardens, landscapes, and potted plants consistent volume and looseness while contributing dependable nutrition.

The Carbon side of our compost is primarily wood based with small amounts of straw.

The Nitrogen side is a combination of food waste, horse manure, and potato slurry. You may find small pieces of plastic in the compost which are from the food waste packaging.

There are a small amount of landscape trimmings as well.

$34.99/cubic yard

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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